Saturday, February 28, 2009

Educational Leadership:Literacy 2.0:Orchestrating the Media Collage

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  • Several well articulated points about how to blend new and old literacies such as this sample quote:
    • "The demands of digital literacy make clear that both research reports and stories represent important approaches to thinking and communicating; students need to be able to understand and use both forms. One of the more exciting pedagogical frontiers that awaits us is learning how to combine the two, blending the critical thinking of the former with the engagement of the latter."

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wired Campus: Lev Gonick: How Technology Will Reshape Academe After the Economic Crisis -

  • Future generations of learners will no doubt look back at the global economic crisis of 2008-9 and reflect on which institutions were agile enough to make a difference by bringing the wisdom of their scholars together with the acumen of their technology officers and the ingenuity and determination of their university leaders. It’s actually not only the future of the university that is in play. How we produce, organize, and distribute open education resources is at the heart of the future of education around the world. —Lev Gonick
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