Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Future shock on steroids

Here is a link to a slide show with some interesting statistics about current and future changes happening in the world. One notable aspect is the idea that almost none of the jobs that current college students will have after they graduate exist yet.

Things are moving almost too quickly to comprehend:

This could be useful as a supplement to the ELP Reader in winter term.

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  1. Great link, Bill, and it gives one as much pause (especially for someone with two young kids) as it does a change in thinking (for a teacher).

    A comment and a question related to this nexus between information dissemination, information gathering, vocabulary acquisition, and the New York Times:

    You probably know the NYT has a terrific website (makes one wonder why we subscribe to the IHT). Did you also know that you can click on any word of any article in the online version of the NYT and the word will be defined?

    How they do that technologically is way beyond me, but can you imagine having an online version of the ELP Reader that offers the same functionality.

    Just a thought.